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When the pizza was first invented it was considered art to make because they were all made entirely by hand. They did not have the help of machines or automatic baking devices, from start to finish they were hand-made. Nowadays, with the large demand for pizza, it is impossible to make them all by hand. Pizza making has turned into machines doing most of the work. 


With machines doing most of the work, a lot of pizzas no longer have that authentic taste. Sure, they are still delicious but that authenticity of a hand-made pizza is missing. Luckily, the traditional way of making pizza by hand is not dead. Traditional hand-made pizza is referred to as ‘artisan pizzas.’ 

With that being said, artisan pizza isn’t a specific type of pizza but a way of preparation.

At the Urban Pi we create hand-make pizzas fresh and on a daily basis to assure that our customers are getting the best quality food. 

Fresh Tomato Pizza with Basil
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